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With a sensitive feel for harmony and use of colours I’m trying to give every painting a rich dye. That’s where my challenge is residing. With suptile references to daily things, combined with a good feel of composition I’m trying to express to these inner needs.

The result is an abstract style with a special technique which has its own distinctive look.

On this renewed website you can find a lot of additional information and of course a selection of my new work.

Something about myself

My name is Fred Wieser, born (1956) and raised in The Hague. Around the age of 23 I attended several courses, which was then followed by a full time job in the atelier of Madurodam,

an attraction park in The Hague, Netherlands. Working there made me feel content, thus thinking I never wanted to leave. Furthermore, the will I had to put more time into painting grew. Slowly I developed a personal preference of art, starting with a figurative style, while later on moving towards abstract paintings.

What inspires me?

Painting is a big passion of mine. To produce new art the way I see it in my mind is a challenge each and every time. Inspiration for painting comes with experiencing everyday things and is usually associated with colours, for example autumn colours or old facades. Also the work of some other painters inspires me. Prior to a new painting a certain challenge resides, what colour nuance am I aiming for? Which materials do I want to apply? Carton, filler, structure paint. The composition slowly takes it's shape; which areas need to have dark colours, which need to have lighter colours. I don't stop until all the different parts and layers are join to one composition. Mostly the process of painting is looking, removing, adjusting and looking again, which takes a lot of time.  I go through this process until the painting has the quality it needs to have.

no title   100 x 100 cm.       2019
No title     80 x 80 cm.     2019
Con mento 4   40 x 40 cm.       2014
Con mento 2     40 x 40 cm.    2014
Cinosa    19 x 19 cm.       2017
Barli lah    13 x 13 cm.      1017
Koza rice    25 x25 cm.    2017
No title     50 x 50 cm.     2018
No title 50 x 50 cm.            2018
No title     30 x 30 cm.     2018
No title    40 x 40 cm.     2015
No title     90 x 90 cm.       2018
No title       80 x 80 cm.      2014
No title    40 x 40 cm.      2015
No title       40 x 40 cm.    2014
No title        40 x 40 cm.    2014
No title    50 x 50 cm.    2017
No title    70 x 70 cm.    2017
Suza            36 x 36 cm.    2016
Meru po      36 x 36 cm.      2016
Vilan          50 x 50 cm.     2016
In between     140 x 70 cm.    2014
Veranzo     80 x 80 cm.    2016
deep purple   80 x 80 cm.  2014




van Bellen art


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